Independent Pioneer Sales Representative

O’Hanlon Seed, is proud to be an Independent Pioneer Hybrids Sales Representative in Lexington, NE. Using proven Pioneer Hybrids and tools provided to all Pioneer customers like Pioneer FIELD 360, FIT Field Planner, and Encirca; we are here to make sure your farming operation is a success.

Truckloads of seed are rolling into the warehouse and now is the time to consider what Pioneer corn and soybean seed you want to plant next year. Stop in for a cup of coffee and let Dustin show you a plan with the Right Product for the Right Acre. Then when it’s time to go you can count on our seed. From Corn hybrids to soybean seed treated with Pioneer’s Premium Seed Treatment, we have the hybrids that yield.

Contact Dustin today with any questions or business needs. And, remember, no matter what size your farm is, we know that your success depends on our team.